Iris Interactive
Janaki Joshi, Iris CEO to Lead Workshop and Close of Conference Lecture at BioPharmaPM 2013

With the current patent cliff looming over the biopharmaceutical industry, it is important for companies to efficiently utilize resources for current assets in order to generate the most ROI possible. Janaki will be running a workshop from 9:00am ? 12:00pm on Day One of the conference to discuss the strategic role of project managers in maximizing asset value and the revenue derived from BioPharmaPM products/assets. In particular she will discuss:

  • Visibility of Project Status: How does the team gain a clear insight into the status of issues, risks, milestones and key decision documents for important launch activities?
  • Cross Functional Collaboration: How to enable global and distributed cross functional teams to work together and have real time visibility of information
  • Accountability: How does a project manager hold the project team members accountable especially when they may be senior in the company?
  • Execution Efficiency: Ultimately how does the launch team transform the launch strategy into tangible outcomes

In addition to the workshop, Janaki will be closing the conference with a presentation on achieving launch excellence in a resource constrained world. In particular she will share a case study on how a leading biopharmaceutical company achieved launch success and exceeded their forecast through collaboration of cross functional teams across various global locations and proactively managed projects on a cloud based platform. During this discussion, you will gain clarity on managing the entire asset portfolio to deliver superior results.

Download the entire conference agenda and topics: