Client Services Director

Some Typical Challenges

How IRIS can help

Effort wasted not having all the ‘ducks in a row’

Best practice process framework for campaign management with appropriate security

Managing campaign milestones across different agencies

Personal email task reminders for people working on the campaign

Manually chasing clients on deadlines and approvals

Visibility and easy access to campaign milestones and approvals

Brand knowledge lost through staff turnover

Access valuable brand knowledge anytime through "Google-style" search

Keeping track of key campaign dates and media information

Ready access to all key campaign information online for all stakeholders

The IRIS Advantage

  • Efficiency improved and time utilised effectively as system chases up overdue tasks
  • Minimise frustration with all key campaign information available at your fingertips
  • Maintain clear audit trail of approvals and comments from clients
  • Improve management of client and executive team expectations