BrandNET® Platform

The Iris Pharma and Iris Consumer Product Suites utilise the application programming interfaces (APIs) of the Iris BrandNET® platform which in turn is built on a set of critical components as follows:

Enterprise Class Product Commercialisation software applications that enables all processes necessary to build and grow pharmaceutical and consumer brands.

A flexible platform for building and validating product commercialisation applications in a cost-effective manner. It has a rich library of pre-built business objects specific to the product commercialisation domain, data access components, a robust security framework and an intuitive workflow engine. It is built in Java and .NET.

A platform for providing document management services and hosting Iris BrandNET® Office Business Applications (OBAs) and other “Features”. Although it can be replaced with other ECM products, MOSS/WSS is the preferred ECM platform for Iris BrandNET®

This platform enables Java applications to flexibly persist data in a relational database.

An enterprise ready platform to deploy modular Java Enterprise applications.

Relational database Management System.