Some Typical Challenges

How IRIS can help

Unlike Finance and Sales which have automated systems such as ERP and CRM, Marketing processes are largely manual and cumbersome

Proven Product Commercialisation system to automate Marketing and Innovation process

Ad-hoc request for systems to meet Marketing needs

Software Suite that is modular and integrated to meet any current and future needs from Marketing

Brand and  Innovation knowledge lost over a period of time

Ability to retain brand and innovation knowledge on a central platform despite staff turnover

Manual/cumbersome management processes

Easy to use and flexible software

The IRIS Advantage

  • Create a solution that delivers competitive advantage to the executive team
  • Retain corporate knowledge and enable continuity at staff turnover
  • Automated Brand and Innovation management improves accountability and control, maximising return on marketing investments
  • Low cost of ownership due to a comprehensive and robust platform with 12 modules to address all requirements in Product Commercialication
  • Granular security that enables people to access only the relevant information without administrative burden