• Easier copy review and copy approval thanks to direct link from the promotional piece to the exact location within the referenced materials
  • Lower cost of creating a promotional piece due to early collaborative input, rapid review turnaround and reduced rework of artwork.
  • Productivity gained from reusing pre-referenced publications and Product Information
  • User friendly web-based system remotely accessible from anywhere with ability to connect advertising and PR agencies

Actual Customer Results

  • Over 50% reduction in approval time
  • 200% increase in productivity
  • Increased throughput with the number of promotional pieces created
  • Over 30 agencies able to connect and work with brand teams online

Key product capabilities

Manage the entire process of creating a promotional piece from agency briefing to material ready for print whilst maximising compliance

  • Dashboard to track the status of your promotional documents and quickly zero-in on bottlenecks
  • Comprehensive central repository of fully referenced promotional materials with search capability
  • Fast parallel review and approval from all stakeholders with timely input throughout the process
  • Automatic version control, automatic archiving and comprehensive audit trail.
  • E-mail reminders to proactively manage review, approval and expiry of materials
  • Ability to compare and review two versions of a promotional piece side by side
  • Integrates with other Iris Pharma™ modules

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Winner of the Communications category: The Iris External Communications Approval manages and reduces the time taken to create promotional pieces, digital projects, PR campaigns from agency briefing to material ready for print/online publication by up to 60% whilst maximising compliance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct.