From the desk of the CEO

Janaki Joshi - CEO

"When I worked for a leading pharmaceutical company, I noticed that the finance function relied on accounting systems to keep everything on track, day to day operations and for reporting to the board. However the teams involved in Product Commercialisation and brand teams did not have a central tracking system to manage their new product pipeline , brands and for demonstrating to the board and others in the company the value they deliver.

That led to the formation of Iris fifteen year ago, with a vision of providing a central Product Commercialisation and Marketing platform designed and customised to manage the key day to day operations of the company’s pipeline and brands, retaining all the knowledge and learning and reporting the value delivered to the business.

Now the Iris Software Platform is mature, available in modules to suit the varying needs of our customers. With input from thousands of marketers and cross functional teams focused on maximising the value of their brands, the Iris platform is now in its fifth generation. Iris has grown to capture all the processes for product commercialisation and continues to consistently deliver compelling ROI to our customers.

We achieve this by:

  • Serving everyone involved in managing their day to day activities in growing the value of Company’s brands
  • Helping the teams Align, Collaborate and Innovate™ at a local, regional and global level on a central Web based platform in a secure environment.
  • Serving those that play a key role in innovation and product commercialisation along with marketing such as Research and Development, Packaging, Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement, Operations, Sales, Customer Service and the Advertising, Market Research, PR and Packaging agencies by giving them the ability to work as a cohesive team across time zones and geographic distance."

22 August 2011 : Janaki recently gave an interview explaining the power of the Iris Interactive collaboration software

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