Growth Management

In today's 'do more with less' era, successfully managing growth and building brands is quite a challenge. Added to the continuing pressure on resources are factors that make the task all the more challenging.

Firstly pipelines of major pharmaceutical companies are more complex with the advent of biological therapies targeting multiple indications. This makes it hard to achieve rapid alignment on priorities across various therapeutic areas for allocating shared resources.

Secondly, loss of patents in the coming years on many major therapies requires more innovative ways to build stronger brands through activities that require coordinating the efforts of all functions involved in building brands.

Further, trends towards integrated patient centric brand development programs also makes it critical for brand teams to bring new levels of collaboration in developing and executing brand plans.

Iris Pharma - Growth Management modules provide pharmaceutical brand builders with a process framework and software tools with which they can implement and evolve cross-functional processes to manage the pipeline, launch new products and develop and execute superior plans that can produce the most impactful brand initiatives. The four modules are:

Iris Brand Development Solution includes: