A brilliant success in the marketplace is often 5% idea and 95% execution. Most companies experience poor execution due to conflicting agendas and resource constraints.

The Channel Management Hub enables your company to achieve superior execution in the marketplace by marrying sales and marketing activities together in a well co-ordinated and collaborative fashion.

All documents and key learning are managed and routed within the Channel Management Hub environment.

Easy version control of documents and signoff process enables senior managers to ensure that the right information goes out to the sales force

Easy to use timelines ensure that milestones are managed proactively

All documentation is housed within the secure environment.

Ask us about the phenomenal results that some of our customers have achieved so far.



  • Process steps are clear with appropriate email escalations.
  • PowerPoint presentations automatically generated for sales force
  • Workflow ensures that signoff, communication and routing is done in a timely manner.

Actual Customer Results

  • Streamlined process of sales presentations for each state/customer
  • Reduced cancellation waste
  • Reduced agency costs
  • Reduced talent fee over run

Key product capabilities

  • Collaborative business processes
  • Document management
  • Automatic generation of presentations
  • Resource planning