Most business will suffer from a high level of information leakage through staff attrition, and poor document handling practices.

On top of this, key learnings and insights are often not being captured and shared amongst all the relevant people.

Research, project planning and supplier management can often require extensive after hours work, and it is critical that research tools such as standardised briefs and calendars are available and easily accessible.

Ask us about the phenomenal results that some of our customers have achieved so far.



  • Retention of research history
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Budget efficiencies
  • Collaborative research development

Actual Customer Results

  • Desktop research capability
  • Self service document access
  • 10% improvement in value
  • Breakthrough insights

Key product capabilities

  • "Google" style search to find any documents
  • Research portfolio planning
  • "Preferred supplier" documentation and negotiation
  • Razor sharp project planning and delivery