Consumer Insights

Some Typical Challenges

How IRIS can help

High level of market research information leakage

All research information available at your finger tips through "Google-style" search

Capturing and sharing key learning and insight with relevant people

Timely input from cross - functional teams through online workflow

Reduce administrative burden of follow up and market research information dissemination

Tools that provide reporting on market research projects and investments portfolio

High quality of execution is assured for all market research projects

Access to best practice guidelines for different types of market research

Consistency through planning, execution, reporting and actions phases

Ready framework for managing over 15 different types of market research projects

The IRIS Advantage

  • Improved market research investment value - 2 - 5% of market research budget
  • Key knowledge and learning retention and sharing results in improved decision making
  • Better execution of market research projects through the phases of planning, execution, reporting and actions
  • Reduced administrative burden in follow ups and information provision
  • Central web-based respository with ability to do "Google-style" search