Clinical Trials Manager

Some Typical Challenges

How IRIS can help

Resources stretched too thin

Ability to identify under or over utilised resources

Lack of clarity on project priorities

Crystal clear visibility of project priorities for better planning

Frustration with delays and missed milestones

Visibility and tracking of all milestones from study startup to close-out

Administrative burden of manually reporting on trial metrics

Dashboard and tools to monitor trial KPIs

No central repository remotely accessible by team for all trial documentation

Central web-based repository with standardised structure for all trial documentation

Managing budgets for trials and forecasting funding for all portfolio trials

Reporting tools for funding commitments for trials in progress

The IRIS Advantage

  • Focus your resources on priority trials and product launches
  • Ensure funding is committed for all trials across years
  • Deliver better investment returns for the company
  • Ability to track spend per site across all trials for better leverage
  • Personalised visual dashboard to track recruitment numbers/graphs against plan
  • "Google" style search to find any trial documents
  • Central publications library accessible to cross-functional teams