Iris for Biotech

Are you a member of a Biotech Team experiencing these challenges? 

  • Potential loss of intellectual property because key information is stored in multiple shared drives?
  •  Difficulty in coordinating clinical, CMC and other activities and keeping projects on track because many tasks are outsourced?
  •  Limited resources are being stretched too thin because of cumbersome manual processes?
  • Management of development activities and projects are ad-hoc resulting in missed milestones and unclear project statuses?
  • Compliance requirements have become onerous.  It is difficult to manage submissions, SOPs and other regulatory documents?

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Iris’ Execution Excellence Module Capabilities:

  • All intellectual property including patents, licensing agreements, contracts, purchase orders and SOPs are securely stored on a central, web based platform.
  •  Built in workflow tools for review and approval, audit trails, version control and automated expiry notification for SOP and Contracts provides robust automated compliance.
  • All processes are tailored for biotech companies.  It provides a project workspace, document templates and a checklist for key processes.
  • Collaboration from both internal and external team members result in faster time to IND and NDA submissions.


The Benefits:
Protecting Intellectual Property –the system retains all documentation relating to your assets such as patents, contracts, and other key information thus protecting your investments in all intellectual property. 
Superior and Timely Execution of Projects –one central and collaborative workspace provides all stakeholders the ability to stay connected, share and synchronize their work.
Proactively Managed Milestones –product development activities and meetings are readily captured with the ability to stream tasks to team members individually.  This results in superior and on time project execution.



What Our Customers Say…

“As a pharmaceutical device start-up company, we are intent on creating as many efficiencies as possible as it relates to storing our documentation with the ability to retrieve it on-demand. Of critical importance is a central location where our staff can access key information with the ability to tailor their own databases to track project data. The Iris system has offered an optimal solution for OptiNose by incorporating a resource library, central repository for documents, contracts and SOP approval and storage, meeting minutes and a company-wide view of a calendar—all in one place.  It’s like a one-stop-shop for information and an awesome tool that will enhance our ability to remain organized as we grow as a company”.
-The OptiNose Team


Why Iris?

Tailored for Biotech  Iris for Biotech is specially designed for Biotech companies
Providing Biotech companies with the framework of product lifecycle management  Iris for Biotech is built on the platform that is fifth generation and robust
Flexible and easily adaptable  Criteria, processes and reports can be tailored to company specific requirements and your changing needs
Easy to use Intuitive and user friendly – training less than 1hour
Demonstrable ROI  Pays for itself in a few months
Enter information only once Links to other Iris modules and your systems


For more information on our Iris for Biotech solutions system, check out our brochure, or visit us on our website.

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