Iris Pharma

Given the pressures to maximise revenue during the patent life, pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of ensuring that the new products are launched with speed not only in leading regions such as North America and Europe but also in APAC and other fast growing countries.

The Iris Pharma Product Suite with its three products Market Development, Brand Development and Growth Management enables its customers to achieve faster time to market, higher sales and stronger brands.

Iris Pharma won the 2010 iAwards in the e-Health category and Merit Recipient for the Industrial Applications.

The e-Health category is presented to the most innovative ICT solution that supports superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by healthcare professionals.

Iris Pharma is the only product commercialisation software tailored for the pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry in the world. Iris Pharma is the only product suite that comprehensively covers all the processes for launching and managing pharmaceutical and healthcare brands.

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