Execution Excellence

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Are you a member of a Product Team experiencing these challenges?

  • Cloudy visibility of project statuses and milestone tracking?
  • Difficulty in enabling cross functional teams to collaborate in order to product effective results?
  • Trouble transforming strategic plans into tangible and breakthrough results?

Irisí Execution Excellence Module Capabilities:

  • Information is available at your fingertips; allowing you to manage all projects, resources, processes, documents and tasks in one central location. The system also provides real time visibility on projects and status updates.
  • Performance and exception reporting allows teams to stay current and aware of tasks across all projects through email notification. Users will have the ability to assign and stream tasks from schedules and meetings to individuals. Additionally, team leaders have access to project, milestone and team task reporting.
  • Full document control provides a comprehensive audit trail, version control and archiving. Notifications can also be sent when a document is changed or ready for review/approval.
  • Portfolio and program management through strategic prioritization, real time updates on issues, risks and milestones & full support for compliance.

How we do it:

Our web-based system can be tailored to your existing processes and SOPs enabling all stakeholders to collaboratively work on a project. We provide a central location for all portfolio and program material with collaborative workflow that enables companies to produce effective results. In fact, with collaborative workflow, not only is time spent on projects decreased, but quality increases and compliance is ensured.

  • Bottlenecks are quickly resolved with proactive reporting and issue tracking
  • A personalized homepage allows individuals to see all tasks for which they are responsible.
  • A web-based system allows for single sign on and access from any location with bulletproof security.

Benefits you will gain from the system:

  • For Executives -By focusing on strategic projects and proactively resolving bottlenecks, you will see faster time to market with benefit realization.
  • For Project Managers - Powerful collaboration and workflow capabilities drive better execution of projects without missed milestones and provides the ability to manage multiple projects at once.
  • For Project Teams - task management and completion is personalized to reduce lost assignments and cluttered inboxes. Productivity is greatly increased because teams can close the gap between strategic plans and everyday activities.

Why Iris?

Configurable and tailored to your SOPs Evolves as your processes improve over time
Capitalize existing IT investments Simple interface that leverages the power of SharePoint
Portfolio, Program and Project Management Can be adapted for managing any type of project across industries (e.g. IT, Capitol, Financial Services, Six Sigma etc.)
Powerful Collaboration Share knowledge and information with others, ensuring a motivated, engaged, and always on the same page team
Enter information only once Links to other Iris modules and your systems
Easy to Use Comprehensive and intuitive- training is less than 3 hours

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