Iris Interactive's leadership team

Iris Interactive's leadership team is an extremely accomplished team of business professionals with a rare breadth and depth of experience, knowledge and expertise. Below lists the leadership teams profiles and responsibilities:

Janaki J Joshi:

Chief Executive Officer

Janaki has extensive experience with embedding the Iris software for blue chip customers such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer Consumer Health, Lion Nathan, Roche and Sanofi-aventis among others.

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Rob Salt:

President, North American Operations

Rob is President of Iris Interactive's new North American operations based in Parsippany, New Jersey, and a member of the Iris Leadership team. Rob is also Founder and Principal at SALT Global Consulting LLC.

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Jayant Joshi:

Chief Technology Officer

Jayant is one of the founders of Iris Interactive. Jayant joined the company in November 1997, as Chief Technology Officer and a member of the Iris Leadership team. He is accountable for all aspects of the company's technology offerings and process consulting frameworks.

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Steve Hobbs:

Business Development Director, Asia Pacific & Europe

Steve is Business Development Director for Iris Interactive, Asia Pacific & Europe and a member of the Iris Leadership team. Steve is also a Founder and Director at Achieve Capital and at Customer Centric.

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Kerryn Loftus:

Advisory Medical Director

Dr Kerryn Loftus is a member of the Iris Interactive Advisory Board. Kerryn is a practicing clinician with a strong business background.She brings valuable insights from a medical marketing perspective and helps shape Iris Interactive's offerings in the pharmaceutical and healthcare areas.

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