Iris Interactive
Iris CEO, Janaki Joshi to speak at iPharma 2013

On February 12, 2013 Janaki Joshi, the CEO of Iris Interactive will be speaking at the iPharma 2013 in Philadelphia on achieving excellence in managing and executing digital campaigns. Here is a glimpse into her lecture topic:

A well-executed digital campaign involves many different decision makers, several steps and little time. Coupled with the added complexity of integrating technology such as iPads, mobile web and various browsers into the marketing campaign, it is clear that successfully managing and executing a campaign by today's digital standards can be a difficult task. Executives involved in this process face internal challenges in gaining senior management buy-in, identifying performance metrics and ensuring compliance. During this session, we will walk through the essential steps needed to build a successful digital campaign from inside the organization.

  • Create efficient cross-functional collaboration among brand teams and all agencies involved
  • Determine when the digital agency should get involved
  • Ensure that all players are on the same page
  • Meet compliance requirements for new technology
  • Gain buy-in from medical, legal and regulatory teams
  • Ensure digital content is finalized with speed, efficiency and quality
  • Identify the right metrics to measure digital campaigns.

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